“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” —Khalil In life you should always keep pushing regardless of the situation. Do not let your today “bad luck” paralyze your tomorrow.

2/21/2002 It was about 3 pm when I realized I was in the hospital, and a doctor, not too nice, was taking care of my wounds. My sister Denis Macdala, my cousins Dinda Viaud Pierre-Noel, Valérie Viaud Gustave, and Didier Pierre-Noel were all next to me. I will be forever grateful for you guys!

We found out later that night that my left knee cap was broken in 4 parts. I fell down from a 3 story house , yeah, I know it could have been worst I could have been dead, but, it wasn’t my time to go yet.

(special thanks to Doctor Viala Reginald who operated on my left knee.)

The days after my discharged from the hospital were the hardest ones. I was wondering if I will ever walk again, if I will be stuck in the wheelchair for the rest of my life. My sister, Magdala, was my caretaker, she was doing literally everything for me . From putting me on the toilet to helping me believe that everything will be fine.

I never stoped asking her “ Kisa doktè a di w? “What did the doctor said?” Eske map ka mache ankò?, will I ever walk again? in Haiti doctors don’t share bad news to the patient they tell family and love ones however, my sister’s answers did not help me at all. “Oui Féfée wap mache “ “Yes, Féfée you will walk again” eske si doktè a te diw Mwen pap janm mache ankò ou tap dim?” “Would you tell me if the doctor told you that I would never walk again “ non Mwen pa tap diw” “no, I would not” Donk Mwen paka kwè w” therefore I can’t believe you” “ebyen pa poze m kesyon” li reponn mwen. So, do not ask me” she said. Thus, I never stopped wondering .

I can remember the first time I stood up on my right foot, the excitement that I had but, it was only for 5 seconds. When I started doing therapy it was painful but, the physical therapist gave me hope. The day he told me that I can start using crutches was “the best day of my life!”

Fast forward 20 years later, I only have beautiful scars to remind me of that day. Most importantly, my scars remind me that my sister gave up her life to take care of me when I was the most vulnerable. She was right there for me every steps of the way! I thank you Magdala Denis Jean for being YOU!

I don’t know what is going on in your life, but remember GOD has an excellent reason to let it happen. It may not make sense now however, one day it will be crystal clear. Just keep pushing.

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