In my early 30’s I started to make a lot of changes in my personal life, which led my path to a social media marketer/entrepreneur name Tai Lopez. Tai has an online program where he encourages his followers to read at least one book a month. I started to read a lot, I enjoyed reading books, and blogs that normally I will never have read before. Those books allowed me to have faith in myself, to believe that I was enough, and that I do not have any limits. Many books touched me for example, All the Light We Cannot SeeLooking Out For Number One, and the Daily Good blog. They helped me identify my personality and my potential. They helped me accept the person that I am. Those books allowed me to live my life by expressing my beliefs and be myself regardless if family and friends agree or not.

Books and blogs have contributed a lot in the person that I am today. I do not want to keep calm about it, I have been sharing what I learned via social media. I am always trying to encourage and inspire my friends.  My Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have a lot of motivational contents. I am here to help others find their way by telling my story.

 “The one thing I would guess about the Lord of Judgment is that he probably won’t blame your parents.” Robert Brault

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